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Tomilin Viktor Nikolaevich, Doctor of historical sciences, associate professor, professor, head of the sub-department of Russian and general history, Lipetsk State Pedagogical University named after P. P. Semenov-Tian-Shansky (42, Lenina street, Lipetsk, Russia), E-mail: 

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Background. The relevance of the study of the agrarian history of Russia modern period is determined by the need to acquire new knowledge to confront global challenges, among which the most important is the food security of the country. The purpose of the study is to identify the mechanism of inhibition of socio-economic development of society and the causes that caused it.
Materials and methods. The research is based on the introduction of new historical sources, represented by the documents of the CPSU Central Committee (the Fund 5 – “Agricultural Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU for the RSFSR” Russian state archive of contemporary history) and Lipetsk obkoma the Communist party (the Fund 34 – “Lipetsk regional Committee of the CPSU” the State archive of contemporary history of Lipetsk region). This body of documents reflects the situation of collective farms after the reform of 1958 on the reorganization of MTS. The methodology of the article is based on the complex use of the bases of modernization and synergetic approaches to the study of the problem in the critical analysis of historical documents. At the same time, the most important concept is the synergetic macro-cognitive theory, which is based on such concepts as nonlinearity, instability, unpredictability and alternative development. Such a methodological approach makes it possible to understand the circumstances in which the idea of the 1958 reform was born, its direction, mechanism of implementation and consequences. The comparative-historical method allows to show the General and special at carrying out of reform of 1958 in various regions of the country, influence of a natural-geographical factor on efficiency of agrarian production in new conditions.
Results. The process of implementation of the reform of 1958 on reorganization of MTS and its influence on collective farm economy in a number of regions of Russia is studied. The greatest attention is paid to the specific historical situation that has developed in the collective farms of the Lipetsk region.
Conclusions. Based on the analysis of documentary sources the author concludes that reforms of 1958 and the transfer of the machinery to the collective farms was carried out by legislative means, in top-down patterns, without regard to the financial and economic condition and regional characteristics of the farms. The unwillingness of collective farms to work in the new economic conditions caused the difficulties of agricultural production and the aggravation of the food problem in the USSR in the early 1960s.

Key words

agrarian policy of the Soviet state, reform of 1958 in the USSR, machine-tractor stations, collective farms 


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